Color and prototype theory in literary works of Zulfikar Džumhur Cover Image

Boje i teorija prototipa u djelima Zulfkara Džumhura
Color and prototype theory in literary works of Zulfikar Džumhur

Author(s): Indira Šabić
Subject(s): Semantics, Cognitive linguistics, Bosnian Literature
Published by: Fakultet humanističkih nauka, Univerzitet »Džemal Bijedić« u Mostaru
Keywords: anthropology and cognitive linguistics; theory of prototypes; scale focali; peripheral members;
Summary/Abstract: According to the theory of prototypes and cognitive approach to categories, in this paper will be to study the names of colors in Bosnian culture of literary creativity of Zulfikar Džumhur, with the task of discovering what color prominently on perceptual and cognitive level. In this paper will be tested a possible developmental basis for the universality of focal colors, those areas of the color space previously found to be the most exemplary of basic color names in Bosnian language. The material of this study consists of all adjectival words for colors and their shades of literary works Zulfikar Džumhur, and will observe the distribution and occurrence of colors, variety of colors and their effects, and will define the degree focali certain color.

  • Page Range: 343-356
  • Page Count: 14
  • Publication Year: 2015
  • Language: Bosnian