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Specifičnost jezičkog izraza Zuke Džumhura
Specific of linguistic expression of Zuko Džumhur

Author(s): Aida Kršo
Subject(s): Theoretical Linguistics, Bosnian Literature, Theory of Literature
Published by: Fakultet humanističkih nauka, Univerzitet »Džemal Bijedić« u Mostaru
Keywords: Zuko Džumhur; humor; present; aorist; imperfect;
Summary/Abstract: The linguistic analysis separates different stylistic methods: the use of verb forms which evoke a categorical trait, the humor as a pragmatic-semantic dominant of Zuko’s micro-discourse, and the description stylemes which stick out with their expressiveness, making the language of Zuko Džumhur so convincing. On the linguistic plan, the experienced speech is best recognised in the use of verb forms, where the experience represents a categorical attribute: present, aorist, and less comonly imperfect. Cenral parts of the story are best painted in the manner of present-woven storytelling. Using the narrative present tense, instead of present perfect tense, enables the author to make the story more convincing. The use of modifiers „here, there, well,“ occupies the focus of the listener and is associated with the actual storytelling time. Additionally, there is the inevitable humor as a textual dominant of Zuko’s micro-discourse. The author almost does not even use the dialogic form, because he is the observer and the notary, but not the direct participant of the events.

  • Page Range: 325-330
  • Page Count: 6
  • Publication Year: 2015
  • Language: Bosnian