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Kalem Levinas
Graft Levinas

Author(s): Branko Romčević
Subject(s): Philosophy, History of Philosophy, Philosophical Traditions, Metaphysics, Ethics / Practical Philosophy, Contemporary Philosophy, Structuralism and Post-Structuralism, Phenomenology
Published by: Institut za filozofiju i društvenu teoriju
Summary/Abstract: This paper deals with Derrida’s introduction of Levinas’s concept of trace into the thinking of différance. Since his earliest reading of that concept – in Violence and Metaphysics – was highly negative and exclusive, there obviously happened some change of perspective. In order to explain it, the author reached for Derrida’s idea of writing as grafting, considering his earlier refusal of Levinas as the “silent” entry of graft “Levinas” in his writing.

  • Page Range: 133-138
  • Page Count: 6
  • Publication Year: 2005
  • Language: Serbian