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Kosova: Separate Worlds. Reflections and Analyses 1998
Kosova: Separate Worlds. Reflections and Analyses 1998

Author(s): Shkëlzen Maliqi
Subject(s): Fine Arts / Performing Arts, International relations/trade, Post-Communist Transformation, Wars in Jugoslavia
Published by: CEEOL Collections / Digital Reproductions
Keywords: Kosovo 1990s; Arts in Kosova; Kosovo conflict; Yugoslav wars;
Summary/Abstract: Published in 1998 by Dukagjini Publishing House (Prishtina) // "I had not planned to write this book. It gathers a number of articles that deal with current (1998!) aspects of the problem of Kosova and the Balkan crisis in general. The selection of articles is perhaps not as representative as it could have been; out of hundreds that I have published since the mid- 1980s to today, included in this book are only those that were translated into English. Still, I hope that this selection of articles will be useful to specialists dealing with the Balkan crisis and the Albanian question, as well as to journalists and those interested in learning more about the essence of the processes underway. // For those with a wider interest, I have included two texts that deal with Kosova's art scene in the 1990's as well as an interview containing autobiographical references and information in which internal political and spiritual currents among Kosova Albanians overlap." (Shkelzen Maliqi)

  • Page Count: 261
  • Publication Year: 1998
  • Language: English