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Chronológia starších slovenských dejín
Chronology of ancient history of Slovakia

Author(s): Ján Lukačka, Vladimír Turčan, Viliam Čičaj, Mária Kohútová
Subject(s): History, Geography, Regional studies, Ancient World, Middle Ages, Modern Age
Published by: Historický ústav SAV
Keywords: Slovakia; history; chronology; ancient history; empires; identity; Europe;
Summary/Abstract: The chronology of ancient history of Slovakia is summarizing the basic historical data concerning the history of Slovakia from the Prehistorich Ages to the first half of the 19th century. It was, of course, not possible to pay attention to every single event, that took place in the above mentioned period; the intention of the editors of the presented chronology was to highlight such events that are either significant for the discussed period or created the start of a new development. To prepare a satisfactory chronology of prehistory is a very hard task, since especially in the period of Paleolith, it is almost impossible to settle the exact date of particular events. Dating the single historical events exactly is more easily by approaching the turn of the era. It concerns especially the Roman Ages, a period we can rely on first writen documents describing the events on the territory of Slovakia. The Migration Period which occurred within the period of roughly AD 300-600 was a new chapter in the history of human, that markedly changed the ethnical map of Europe. This was the time when our Slavic ancestors settled the Danube area. In the past Slovakia created an integral part of big multiethnical empires (Great Moravian Empire, Kingdom of Hungary). This was the reason we took a broad historical context into our considerations, although the chronology is primarily focused on events connected with the historical area of today's Slovakia. Thanks to the growing number of writen documents available, the sequence of historical events taking place in the Midle Ages and the early Modern Period is more dynamic and “colorful” Similar to other chronologies of this type, our publication has not the ambition to neither bring an broad explanation of singular issues nor to explain them. Our goal was to provide a gene¬ral information concerning historical personalities or events. The possibility of selecting historical data and their representativity was limited by the number of collected editions, collections of documents, monographs and papers dealing with Slovak history. It should be underlined, that some historical periods and issues still wait for a critical evaluation. Thus, there is no doubt that more detailed and deep-going historical chronologies will be elaborated in the future, since we optimistically assume that the efforts designed to collect and elaborate new data concerning the history of Slovakia will become more effective and easier thanks to the new informational technologies.

  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-80-969782-8-1
  • Page Count: 316
  • Publication Year: 2008
  • Language: Slovak