Engineering Works on the Jasenovo/Jaszenova–Oraviţa/Oravica–Anina Railroad Cover Image
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Műtárgyak a Jaszenova-Oravica-Anina vasútvonalon
Engineering Works on the Jasenovo/Jaszenova–Oraviţa/Oravica–Anina Railroad

Author(s): Árpád Jancsó
Subject(s): History, Cultural history, Local History / Microhistory
ISSN: 2068-3103
Published by: Erdélyi Múzeum-Egyesület
Keywords: retaining wall; tunnel; viaduct,; bridge; underpass; mountain railway; culvert
Summary/Abstract: The present work focuses on the engineering works on the Jasenovo-Oraviţa-Anina. The entire history its inception and use was published in volume no. 7 of the current collection under the title „Az Oravica–Anina hegyi vasút története.” The extremely difficult topographic conditions forced the layout planners to take on a highly unusual route: for a relatively short distance, it required a series of engineering works: retaining walls, 14 tunnels, 11 viaducts, bridges and underpasses. Due to its technical specifications, the mountainous sector between Oravița and Anina is often compared to Austria’s Semmering mountain railway. The book continues, after a short presentation of the railway’s history, with a summary of its main technical specifications, followed by an indepth analysis of its engineering works: its retaining walls, its underpasses, bridges, viaducts and tunnels. The author did extensive research in the archives and reambulated multiple times the railroad’s route. The book is richly illustrated with reproductions of the initial project’s documents and boards never published before, with drawings dating back to 1895, when Vince Reichmann, Oravița’s railway section chief, reambulated the line; to these the author added old pictures and countless photos made by himself. Together with the previous volume on the history of the railway, this testimonial book is the richest and most extensive monography of the mountain railway Jasenovo–Oraviţa–Anina.

  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-606-739-071-1
  • Page Count: 156
  • Publication Year: 2016
  • Language: Hungarian