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Trogir u katastru Franje I
Trogir in Franjo I's Cadastre

Author(s): Irena Benyovsky
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences, History, Law, Constitution, Jurisprudence, Maps / Cartography, Public Administration, Modern Age, Rural and urban sociology, 19th Century
Published by: Hrvatski institut za povijest
Keywords: Dalmatia; cadastre; Trogir; cadastre of Trogir; Franjo Tomašić ; Zadar; Archive of maps of Istria and Dalmatia; State Archive in Split; Registry of Land Parcels;
Summary/Abstract: The first half of the 19th century in Dalmatia is marked out by the rule of Francis I. Austrian strategic interests resulted in a long-prepared reorganization of the structure of the state which brought about significant changes. Traditional commercial and fiscal relations were transformed. On 23 December 1817, Francis I issued the “Patent for the introduction of a stable cadastre” (Patent uber die Einfuhrung des stabilen Katasters), by which a general property tax was introduced in the Monarchy. Work on the cadastre of Dalmatia was begun after the nomination of Governor Franjo Tomašić in Zadar (the capital of Dalmatia) in 1822 and completed in 1838. Immediately after the triangulation was done in 1838, the original cadastral plans were deposited in the Central Archives in Vienna. Today, copies of these can be found in the State Archive in Split under the title “Archive of maps of Istria and Dalmatia.”

  • Print-ISBN-10: 953-6324-54-7
  • Page Count: 180
  • Publication Year: 2005
  • Language: Croatian