Conferece report on the International science coference 'Disinformation: the new challenges' Cover Image

Научен отзив за Международната научна конференция "Дезинформацията: новите предизвикателства"
Conferece report on the International science coference 'Disinformation: the new challenges'

Author(s): Ralitsa Kovacheva, Ralitsa Kovacheva
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences, Politics, History, Anthropology, Philosophy, Social Sciences, Economy, Education, Law, Constitution, Jurisprudence, Fine Arts / Performing Arts, Cultural history, Psychology, Essay|Book Review |Scientific Life, Geography, Regional studies, National Economy, Micro-Economics, Visual Arts, Human Geography, Regional Geography, Applied Geography, Civil Law, Ethics / Practical Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Social Philosophy, Political Theory, Political Sciences, Civil Society, Governance, Public Administration, Public Law, Communication studies, Sociology, Comparative history, Diplomatic history, Economic history, History of ideas, Local History / Microhistory, Social history, Gender history, Theology and Religion, Comparative Studies of Religion, Scientific Life, Conference Report, Public Finances, Marketing / Advertising, Socio-Economic Research, Sociology of Art, Sociology of Religion, Sociology of Law, Geopolitics, Corruption - Transparency - Anti-Corruption, Commercial Law, Transport / Logistics, Comparative Law
Published by: Факултет по журналистика и масова комуникация, Софийски университет „Св. Кл. Охридски”
Keywords: disinformation; media; social media; fact-checking; politics

Summary/Abstract: The International scientific conference "Disinformation: the new challenges" brought together 16 participants - established researchers, PhD students and journalists - from Bulgaria, USA, Canada, Germany. The presented papers reflect various aspects of the problem of disinformation: the impact of disinformation on political processes, regulatory approaches to curbing disinformation, journalistic practice of fact-checking and debunking disinformation, the role of social media in disseminating and amplifying disinformation.

  • Issue Year: 2021
  • Issue No: 10
  • Page Range: 161-164
  • Page Count: 4
  • Language: Bulgarian