Conceptualization of the Balkan Political Map Cover Image

Conceptualization of the Balkan Political Map
Conceptualization of the Balkan Political Map

Author(s): Toni Mileski, Mario Sharevski
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences
Published by: Филозофски факултет, Универзитет "св. Кирил и Методиј"
Keywords: Balkan;Rimland;geopolitics;

Summary/Abstract: The political map of the world is in a constant dynamic that takes place on invariant physical geographical space for which the analyses of the distribution of states and their power potential that are evolving from them are the inevitable foundation of the geopolitical conceptualizations of the world and its particular regions. The Balkans as a place with extremely high dynamism and volatility of the political map is inevitable subject of geopolitical analysis and conceptualization in local and global terms. By examining the current political map of the Balkans with a brief overview of all its features and historical processes that preceded, this paper addresses its conceptualization through application of the basic geopolitical concepts of Heartland and Rimland and their characteristics and features in the context ofthe space of the Balkans. Presenting the basic premises and meanings of the Mackinder’s concept of Heartland, Macedonia and Serbia are recognized as a Balkan Heartland with much overlap in terms of features and characteristics of geographic location and military security, traffic-infrastructural, political and historical factors. In the same way this paper determines the Balkan Rimland comprised of Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, Montenegro and Croatia, surrounding the Heartland of the Balkans. Further analysis of the current events and processes in the Balkans in the context of this conceptualization of Balkan Heartland and Rimland indicates the importance of the Balkan Rimland due to the integration andpolitical process conducted by its lines and ideas. Finally, the analysis of the actual political map of the Balkans and current developments based and reviewed through the prism of the conceptualization by the basic geopolitical concepts concludes with an opinion about the geopolitical importance of the Balkans and the prospects for the development of the current geopolitical processes and activities.

  • Issue Year: 5/2014
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 45-63
  • Page Count: 18
  • Language: English