Aqua Tower in Chicago – non-energy efficient ecological skyscraper (icon of modernist architecture) Cover Image

Aqua Tower w Chicago – nieenergooszczędny ekologiczny wieżowiec (ikona modernistycznej architektury)
Aqua Tower in Chicago – non-energy efficient ecological skyscraper (icon of modernist architecture)

Author(s): Jerzy Szołomicki, Piotr Berkowski
Subject(s): Architecture, Geography, Regional studies
Published by: Biblioteka Politechniki Lubelskiej
Keywords: Aqua Tower; high-rise buildings; geometrical forms; ecology

Summary/Abstract: The aim of the paper is to present and analyze the ecological skyscraper Aqua Tower, icon of modernist architecture. The main idea of development of Aqua Tower concept was creation of ecological building with original architecture used for residential and hotel purposes. Chicago skyscraper is equipped with irregularly spaced balconies forming a „shell” which cover the main orthogonal core structure. Designed shape of the building significantly reduces its vulnerability and inadequate damping of vibrations caused by the impact of the wind which is typical for high-rise buildings. In the first part of the paper various geometric forms of modern high-rise buildings are analyzed. Subsequently was characterized Aqua Tower skyscraper in terms of architecture and design, taking into account the effect of wind and aspect of ecology and energy efficiency. The Aqua Tower building is an amazing masterpiece that shows how concrete can be creatively used to get outstanding architecture and extremely strength construction. The whole set of environmental solutions which include, among other things, a system of rainwater storage and energy efficient lighting was employed. Green vegetation placed between the horizontal divisions clearly marked façade and gives the impression of strong coupling, so contrasting are concrete and greenery. Greene roof terrace on the three-floor podium creates an image of „geometric naturalism”, which not only gives aesthetic effect, but also lowers the ambient temperature.

  • Issue Year: 15/2016
  • Issue No: 3
  • Page Range: 107-123
  • Page Count: 18
  • Language: Polish