Contemporary architecture of high-rise buildings in Doha – the capital of Qatar Cover Image

Współczesna architektura wieżowców w stolicy Kataru – Dausze
Contemporary architecture of high-rise buildings in Doha – the capital of Qatar

Author(s): Jerzy Szołomicki, Hanna Golasz - Szołomicka
Subject(s): Architecture
Published by: Biblioteka Politechniki Lubelskiej
Keywords: Qatar architecture;high-rise buildings;Diagrid construction system;

Summary/Abstract: The article presents elements of architectural and construction analysis of selected high-rise buildings from Qatar Doha, located in the West Bay business district and the Aspire Zone sports complex. Analyzing the Doha architecture, it can be said that it is now a rapidly growing metropolis, which can be considered as the most advanced architectural city in the world, even compared to Dubai. The construction boom caused the building of skyscrapers, sports facilities, and iconic museums. The first part of the article draws attention to how Doha has joined the world’s most exciting cities over the last several years due to the rapid economic development resulting from the discovery of huge oil and gas fields. The turning point was the organization of the XV Asian Games in 2006. As a result of the economic success of these games over 100 tall buildings were planned to be built in the West Bay business district and adjacent districts. The architectural development of the city could not have taken place without the participation of prominent foreign architects such as Jean Nouvell and Ieoh Pei. Contemporary Qatar architecture can be defined as a mix of European, Asian, Islamic, Arabic architecture and local trends. However, the most recognizable buildings in this country are iconic skyscrapers with unique geometry which are characterized in the second part of that article. Among the skyscrapers should be mentioned first of all: Doha Tower, Al Bidda Tower, Tornado Tower and Aspire Tower located in the Aspire sports complex. These buildings are currently the world-famous Qatar high-rise buildings.

  • Issue Year: 16/2017
  • Issue No: 4
  • Page Range: 15-33
  • Page Count: 19
  • Language: Polish