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"Këngët para Millosaut" të Jeronim De Radës dhe horizonti i receptimit kritik
"Këngët para Millosaut" by Jeronim de Rada and the Horison of Critical Reception

Author(s): Serafina Lajçi
Subject(s): Studies of Literature, Albanian Literature
Published by: Univeristeti i Prishtinës, Fakulteti i Filologjisë
Keywords: De Rada;Këngët para Millosaut;critical reception;

Summary/Abstract: De Rada’s works mark the beginning of Arbëresh Romanticism as well as an important turn in the culture of Albanian literature. As such, it has been part of a great number of observations, studies, historical, literary, analytic and critical discussions, all of which have attempted to place his work in the corpus of Albanian literature which it deserves. Regardless of its special importance which goes beyond history and literature, De Rada’s work has not always been in this well deserved position, due to being misinterpreted quite often. The researcher Shaban Sinani was right to have written in the preface to the work of Mandala ‘Studime filologjike për letërsinë romantike arbëreshe’ [‘Philological studies on Arbëresh Romantic Literature’] that the Arbëresh romantic poets have had the poor fate of being the most misinterpreted authors and that their works have oftentimes been subject to a truncated critical mechanism. Nowadays, when contemporary studies have returned to a focus on the Arbëresh romantic authors, and especially to De Rada’s oeuvre, the results have not only revealed many findings of a great importance for the history and the literary criticism of Albanian literature, but they have also presented this author in many other dimensions. Alongside other celebrated researchers of Arbëresh romantic authors, this return to De Rada has been credited especially to two of the best researchers, Francesko Altimari and Matteo Mandala who came up with the idea of a new edition of The Literary Works of De Rada.

  • Issue Year: 2020
  • Issue No: 25
  • Page Range: 185-203
  • Page Count: 19
  • Language: Albanian