Activities of the Cominform supporters in Slavonski Brod area (1948-1955) Cover Image

Djelovanje “ibeovaca” na području Slavonskoga Broda 1948.-1955.
Activities of the Cominform supporters in Slavonski Brod area (1948-1955)

Author(s): Martin Previšić
Subject(s): History
Published by: Hrvatski institut za povijest
Keywords: Cominform (Information Bureau); Slavonski Brod; State security administration (UDBa); Cominform groups; Cominform emigration; penalties

Summary/Abstract: The consequences of the conflict between (Information Bureau of Communist Parties, IB) the Cominform and the Communist Party of Yugoslavia caught the entire area of Yugoslavia, including Slavonski Brod. The first followings of Cominform supporters in the analized area, started in 1948. There are two characteristic types of action of the Cominform Resolution supporters: groups around Josip Ereš and the group in Gimnasium of Slavonski Brod. Both groups were active during 1948 and 1949 when their activities were suppressed by the State Security Service (UDBA). Both groups were known to have acted on propagandist plan. Individual activities started in 1948, and ended in 1953, with emphasized propagandist activities among individuals. First bigger discharges of imprisoned people, who were sentenced to prison for supporting the Cominform, began in 1951, and last of the supporters were discharged in 1956. A total of 50 people in Slavonski Brod area were arrested and convicted for being active in the Cominform. Four people, who escaped the Slavonski Brod area, were active in the Cominformist emigration. After the conflict with the Cominform ended, State Security Service (UDBA) was continuously evaluating political views of freed Cominform supporters, and in 1962, according to these documents, there were 9 people still in favour of the Cominform political views. The majority of arrested and imprisoned Cominform supporters in this area were Croats (67%). Most people were sentenced to administrative measure of community service on Goli otok. In Slavonski Brod area, around 50% of the overall sentenced and imprisoned people were „the actual Cominform supporters“. Being a member of Cominform in those years did not make political or social life more difficult in Slavonski Brod.

  • Issue Year: 2010
  • Issue No: 10
  • Page Range: 391-418
  • Page Count: 28
  • Language: Croatian