Piano sonatas of l.Beethoven in repertoire to pianists of Odessa Cover Image

Фортепіанні сонати Л. Бетховена в репертуарі піаністів Одеси
Piano sonatas of l.Beethoven in repertoire to pianists of Odessa

Author(s): Lilia Mykhaylivna Shevchenko
Subject(s): Music, 18th Century, 19th Century, Sociology of Art
Published by: Національна академія керівних кадрів культури і мистецтв
Keywords: genre piano sonatas; Beethoven piano art; piano style; style in music; music genre;

Summary/Abstract: The purpose of the article is a realization actual of the genre-style factor of Sonate heritages L.Beethoven, in which modern pоstvаnguarde - a post-postvаnguarde principle selects over-individual lyricism border to spiritual lyric poet, as is fixed in repertory preferences pianist, which present Odessa. Methodology. The methodological base of the work is culturology principle of linguistic musicology of B.Asafiev and his followers in Ukraine, as well as of the culturology bases in the understanding to traditions and innovations, as they formed in works A.Losjev, I.Ljashenko and the other authors, for which style comparison and generally scientific analytical principle signify the base positions of scientific searching for. Scientific novelty of the work is conditioned that that for the first time in Ukrainian musicology concentrated attention on a оbjektive-lyrical cut inheritance of Beethoven in connection with spiritual-simulation installation last decennial event in art. It is emphasized nature of the Beethoven headwaters not only in revolutionary-antithetical conception but also in his animated and over-individual lyricism, which is concentrated in chant themes and quasi-strophe structures, demonstrating compensation tumbling of celebrated "two principles" of Beethoven. Conclusions. Attention to "not-аntithetic" Beethoven "two principles," which bring on dance-playing hymnody, on chant base of themes - exceedingly it is essential for understanding the surges Odessa pianists, which, after S.Richter, consecutively addressed and address both to early, and too late Sonata of the composer. Chant themes are connected with a chant by spiritual lyrics in the national music - Odessa from its basis had a glory of the outpost Christianity, in confessional furcated representation, which withstood the aggressions of the Islam in XVIII-XIX century. The real lyricism of the Sonatas Beethoven, including Second, Ninth, Tenth, Twenty seconds, Twenty-eighths, Thirty first and others, forms actual in postanguarde and post-postanguarde art layer quasi-spiritual lyric monologue type, which discharges the tragic pathos a dialogue thinkings of New time.

  • Issue Year: 2018
  • Issue No: 11
  • Page Range: 146-152
  • Page Count: 7
  • Language: Ukrainian