Ukrainian Mental Lyricism Installation and its Music Manifestation Cover Image

Ліризм української ментальної установки та її музичне виявлення
Ukrainian Mental Lyricism Installation and its Music Manifestation

Author(s): Lilia Mykhaylivna Shevchenko
Subject(s): Music, Social Philosophy, Culture and social structure , Sociology of Culture, Sociology of Art
Published by: Національна академія керівних кадрів культури і мистецтв
Keywords: lyricism as the social phenomenon; lyricism as a quality of the creative manifestation; overindividual character of a soul in expressions; professional music; popular artistic sphere;

Summary/Abstract: Purpose of the article emerges the demonstration of specifics of the lyricism as the mental-social quality of Ukrainian culture and particularities her entailments in the music sphere. The methodological base of the study is interdisciplinary reflective-style and the culturology-hermeneutic way to semantic interpretation corresponding to buildings scientific and music-creative thinking in continuation position of T.Adorno, A.Losev, studies of A.Sokol, E.Markova, O.Muravskaya, and others. Scientific novelty got the result - theoretically independent realization to concentrations of the national-mental discovery of Ukrainian culture in creative "nоn-conformism" to avoid of аrtistic-style "mergings" of national artistic contribution with genre-style paradigm generally- European style apportionment. Conclusions. "Ukrainian lyricism" mark as the way of the thinking, in which rationalist subject delimitation of importances is in principal corrected over-sapidity "steaming" emotional thickenings-rarefactions that will add the person of the sort artificial cultural rhythm self-expression of carriers Ukrainian national character. Stands out the psychic paradigm of oscillation in the spiritual act of concentration and emotional sadness, which recognize in the lachrymal-moving mysticism of the Ukrainian Orthodoxy, passing mаximalism of "worldwide saving of" Russian Orient, hoping on spontaneity brotherhood that defines the animated over-individual character of the soul in Ukrainian lyricism. It is emphasized social phenomenon "confusion of scene and lives," which in life discovery marks аrtistical tone of public and larval decisions, confirming in mеlоdy-song manifestation morally-organizing abutment to nations outside of state-building effort. The last, being brought forth on the first plan of national self-determination at the end XX centuries, have realized, possible, discharge of the professional music from song-vоcаl manifestation in favor of chamber-instrumental "modesty" demand artistic begin in the aggregate national existence.