Alternatives of Beethoven style type - Mozart style type in piano art preferences of ХІХ - ХХ century Cover Image

Альтернативи бетховеніанства – моцартіанства в піаністичних перевагах ХІХ – ХХ століть
Alternatives of Beethoven style type - Mozart style type in piano art preferences of ХІХ - ХХ century

Author(s): Lilia Mykhaylivna Shevchenko
Subject(s): Music, Recent History (1900 till today), 19th Century, Sociology of Art
Published by: Національна академія керівних кадрів культури і мистецтв
Keywords: Beethoven style type; Mozart style type; Skrjabin style type; style in music; the piano preferences of ХІХ-ХХ centuries;

Summary/Abstract: The purpose of the given essay is to trace the interaction of the style piano determinations of Odessa, Skrjabin style type and Beethoven as specific for South Palmyra creative embodiment of the alternatives of Bеethoven style type - Mozart style type, which have noted the world apportionment in piano art from ХІХ to ХХІ century. The methodological base of the work is culturology principle of linguistic musicology of B.Asafiev and his followers in Ukraine, as well as culturological bases in the understanding to traditions and innovations, as they are formed in the works of A.Losjev, I.Ljashenko and the other authors, for whom style comparison and generally scientific analytical principle signify the base positions of scientific search. Scientific novelty of the study is determined by theoretical originality of the collations of Mozart style type - Bеethoven style type in world piano music with style duality Skrjabin style type - Bеethoven style type that has in its base historically-social and cultural quality of the artistic finding of Odessa. For the first time in Ukraine in the declared perspective there are given materials about the activity of S.Prokofiev, W.Malishevski, V.Rebikov, K.Szymanovski and other prominent representatives of Odessa artistic world. Conclusions. Modernistic pro-avant-garde trends of the revealing of the artistic achievements of Odessa at the beginning of XX century form all-embracing relatively to different art types art style paradigm, which we find from fine arts and cinema to music findings, which were formed around culture of the salon meetings. Innovation piano practices of composer and performance creative activity moved away from traditional piano-orchestra findings, which become a factor of academic style of playing in XX century, formed with the last ambiguous and creative interesting entanglements, which have continuation up to present day. The realization of the dialectical principle of the coexistence in Odessa piano art of prosalon Skrjabin style type and academic piano orchestra style, reconstructing the world alternatives of the aptitudes to inheritance of the modernist style or рrоromantic traditional style, allows to emphasize in the specified duality of Skrjabin style type - Beethoven style type original for the given city turn exactly in specified personalization of style line of salon – оrchеstra art. The first of them (Skrjabin style type) certifies the base for the city of the culture of the "gilded age of Odessa" of the end of XIX – beginning of XX century, while the second (Beethoven style type) signifies reality of soviet refraction of artistic bases in art being of the city, total influences of which in artistic saturation of complex being-social vicissitudes have allowed to save the high creative status of South Palmyra and give hopes for conservation and advancement of these artistic accumulations in future.

  • Issue Year: 2018
  • Issue No: 2
  • Page Range: 111-117
  • Page Count: 7
  • Language: Ukrainian