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Криза морала и корупција
The Crisis of Morality and the Corruption

Author(s): Jovan Ćirić
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences
Published by: Nova srpska politička misao
Keywords: crisis of morality; selfishness; hedonism; young generation; spirit of time; crisis of authority; corruption

Summary/Abstract: Тhere is a link between corruption and crisis of morality Here, there are presented some researches in which it is shown that the young generation has accepted in the last few years in Serbia some new moral values based on selfishness, individualism and hedonism. The new spirit of time promotes new values as something desirable and socially acceptable. All of that was promoted especially in the mass-media. The author in this text speaks also about the moral scepticism of the man in the twentieth century. There is a problem of crisis of the authority generally speaking, especially crisis of the authority of some very important social institutions, such as family, church, judiciary. In that sense the untrust in judiciary, the belief that judiciary is corrupted leads to the corruption. In the media there were, in the last few years, many texts and comments given by politicians and some experts, in which it was explicitily said that the judiciary was corrupted. That situation had very negative impact on the normal work of the judiciary. There are aslo some other factors that had and still have influences on the crisis of morality and the author mentioned some of them.Behaivor of politicians usually is the example for the others. It also has to be said that almost everything that so called international community did in the crisis of former Yugoslavia was the negation of justice and morality and had the negative impact on the crisis of morality in Serbia Ordinary people in many situations had the opportunity to see that the power is above the law.

  • Issue Year: 17/2009
  • Issue No: 01+02
  • Page Range: 233-252
  • Page Count: 20
  • Language: Serbian