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Nova srpska politička misao
New Serbian Political Thought

Publishing House: Nova srpska politička misao
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences
Frequency: 4 issues
Print ISSN: 1450-7382
Status: Ceased Publication

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Short Description

Journal for Political Theory and Social Research The mission of the politically and theoretically heterogeneous group united around the Research-Information Center-New Serbian Political Thought, may be defined as a streamlined theoretical-practical effort to overcome what had been recognized and, in the last decade dramatically manifested, as the “old”, anachronous and xenophobic political theory and practice in the territory of Serbia (that is, ex-Yugoslavia), burdened with tribalism, national autism and exclusion. Contrary to that, a team of prominent researchers of younger and middle generations gathered around the IIC NSPT, has striven to reaffirm and encourage the other, suppressed but in no way insignificant liberal-democratic and modernizing segments of indigenous political-theoretical tradition from the very beginning of its activity. It is in this direction that it continuously educates the local political and socio-scientific elite. Although it is an institutionally and conceptually unique organization, the activities of the New Serbian Political Thought have been structured in three main directions. 1. Chronologically the first and initial activity of the Center involves editing and publishing the New Serbian Political Thought magazine, the only specialized magazine for political theory and social research in Serbia and Montenegro. The magazine has its editor-in-chief and five-member editorial staff, as well as the publishing board. The editorial staff consists chiefly of young and active contributors, who impact the magazine orientation to contemporary problems with their enterprise, energy and theoretical knowledge; whereas the Board, consisting of renowned figures of the national political-theoretic and socio-scientific scenes, has rather a strategic, control and corrective function. 2. The second branch of activity and the second segment of the organizational scheme of the Center involves organization and realization of different research projects in the field of civil society with the aim to promote modernization values, human rights culture, political differences and tolerance. All projects are conceived, selected, coordinated, supervised and evaluated by a three-member board led by a project manager, and in the framework of some projects, special teams with team leaders, participants and external collaborators are organized. 3. The third aspect of the Center’s activity is the informative and analytical activity of the Center members – its collaborators within structures of the ex-Yugoslav media and political scene