Proto-Permic accent: Internal and external reconstruction Cover Image

Прапермское ударение: внутренняя и внешняя реконструкция
Proto-Permic accent: Internal and external reconstruction

Author(s): Juliya Victorovna Normanskaya
Subject(s): Phonetics / Phonology, Historical Linguistics, Comparative Linguistics, Finno-Ugrian studies
Published by: Институт языкознания Российской академии наук
Keywords: accent; vowels; comparative-historical linguistics; Permic languages; Finno-Volga languages; Samoyedic languages; Ob-Ugric languages; Proto-Uralic language;

Summary/Abstract: This article analyzes the field data on phonological paradigmatic accent in the verbal paradigms, which were collected by L. G. Ponomareva in 2016—2018 in various settlements of the Yus’va district (Permskiy Krai) located at a distance of 30 km from each other: Doeg, Timino, Pikunovo, Mukachevo. Comparative analysis of these data with the already published materials on Finno-Volga, Proto-Samoyedic, Khanty and Mansi accent paradigms allows to reconstruct the accent paradigm for the Proto-Uralic language, and to discover that Permic verbal paradigms are very archaic and directly succeed the Proto-Uralic ones.

  • Issue Year: 2018
  • Issue No: 03 (30)
  • Page Range: 33-61
  • Page Count: 29
  • Language: Russian