The Role of the Army in the Modernization of the City – the Garrison of Niš 1918–1941 Cover Image

Улога војске у модернизацији града (нишки гарнизон 1918–1941)
The Role of the Army in the Modernization of the City – the Garrison of Niš 1918–1941

Author(s): Dalibor Z. Velojić
Subject(s): Governance, Military history, Political history, Military policy, Social development, Interwar Period (1920 - 1939)
Published by: Institut za strategijska istraživanja
Keywords: Niš; army; city; garrison; modernization; industry; modern warfare; demands of military authorities; development; improvement of literacy;

Summary/Abstract: The army, as factor of modernization, affected the city on various levels. Above all, due to needs of modern warfare, demands of military authorities for cooperation with industrial companies were increased. In connection with that, the incentive of the Army towards the civil structures proved to be really significant for such undeveloped city as Nis. Of particularly visible trace was the functioning of the Institute for making military uniforms, which was able to employ an equal number of workers in the city, as all other companies together, even in the years of economic crisis. Significant activities were done in connection with procurements for the garrison, out of which we can particularly single out making use of bigger flour mills in the city. Besides, considering the Army as participant in modernization of the city and its institutions, we have to mention also their activities on construction of modern railway and road networks, important not only for supply of the garrison of Nis, but also for the surrounding garrisons, as well as construction of facilities in the city itself and its surroundings. The contribution of the Army to improvement of literacy was also significant (in certain periods it even went ahead of civilian institutions), if we take into consideration very low cultural level of the population, which was directly reflected on the condition of the units which often had up to 30– 50% of illiterate soldiers.

  • Issue Year: 2012
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 71-88
  • Page Count: 18
  • Language: Serbian