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Author(s): David Kovařík, Michal Kopeček, Daniela Kolenovská, Martin Franc, Jiří Friedl
Subject(s): History
Published by: AV ČR - Akademie věd České republiky - Ústav pro soudobé dějiny

Summary/Abstract: Otazníky nad „opus magnum“ české orální historie / Question Marks over a “Magnum Opus” of Czech Oral History - Martin Franc Vaněk, Miroslav and Urbašek, Pavel (eds). Vítězové? Poražení? Životopisná interview, vol. 1: Disent v období tzv. normalizace; vol. 2: Politické elity v období tzv. normalizace. Prague: Nakladatelstvi Prostor, 2005, 1124 and 836 pp. Together with the related collection of articles, these two volumes of biographical interviews both with former Czechoslovak dissidents and with Communist functionaries constitutes the main result of the work done so far by the Centre for Oral History at the Institute of Contemporary History, Prague. It is also the most important undertaking of Czech oral history ever. Důležitý impulz a řada otazníků / An Important Impulse and a Number of Questions - Michal Kopeček Auer, Stefan. Liberal Nationalism in Central Europe. London: Routledge Curzon, 2004, 232 pp. The reviewer considers Auer’s investigation of the phenomenon of central European nationalism to have been undertaken from a very interesting angle. Auer rejects the dichotomy of Western nationalism and Eastern nationalism (xenophobic). Laskavý průvodce sovětskou kulturou / A Kindly Guide to Soviet Culture - Daniela Kolenovska Ryčlova, Ivana. Ruské dilema: Společenské zlo v kontextu osudů tvůrčích osobností Ruska. Brno: Centrum pro studium demokracie a kultury, 2006, 221 pp. The work under review comprises eleven portraits of Russian writers in relation to the Soviet regime. The portraits were originally published in Revue Proglas, a Brno periodical, on various occasions. Mělo Varšavské povstání vypuknout? / Should the Warsaw Uprising Ever Have Started? - Jiři Friedl Davies, Norman. Boj o Varšavu: Povstání Poláků proti nacistům 1944. Trans. Miroslava and Aleš Valenta, Prague: Nakladatelstvi Prostor, 2005, 684 pp. This is a review of the Czech translation of British historian Davies’s Rising ’44. E.g. on the gradual Sovietization of Poland and the Communist interpretation of the Uprising as “bourgeois adventurism.” Although he grants the author a broad scope and erudition, the reviewer reproaches him for exaggerated Polonophilia. Davies clearly supports the Uprising, and blames its tragic outcome more or less on the Western Allies alone. In comparison with his thorough discussion of the key insurgents, the author pays scant attention to the key Germans involved. Smutná historie pohraničního regionu v problematickém zpracování / A Problematic Account of the Sad History of the Borderlands - David Kovařik Mlynarik, Jan. Tragédie Vitorazska 1945–1953: Poprava v Tušti. Třeboň: Carpio, 2005, 411 pp. In this work the Slovak historian Jan Mlynarik is concerned with the dramatic fate of the regions on the Czech-Austrian frontier after the Second World War. He describes the two expulsions of parts of the local, Czech population, which were accompanied by injustice, violence, and executions ordered by “revolutionary tribunals”.

  • Issue Year: XIII/2006
  • Issue No: 03-04
  • Page Range: 475-506
  • Page Count: 32
  • Language: Czech