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Soudobé Dějiny
Czech journal of contemporary history

Publishing House: Ústav pro soudobé dějiny AV ČR
Subject(s): History
Frequency: irregular and other
Print ISSN: 1210-7050
Status: Active

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Short Description

The scholarly journal Soudobe dejiny [Contemporary History] has been published by the Institute of Contemporary History, in Prague, since 1993, in collaboration with Doplnek Publishers, Brno. The average length of each number is 150 pages. The first Editor-in-Chief of the journal was Vilem Precan, the first director of the Institute. In 2000, Oldrich Tuma, the new director of the Institute, assumed the publishing responsibilities for the journal, and is currently assisted by the current editor-in-chief, the historian Milan Drapala. Soudobe dejiny aims primarily to assist in the establishment and expansion of contemporary history as an independent discipline in the Czech Republic. It thereby hopes to contribute to the restoration and development of historical memory of the recent past. In doing so it endeavours to maintain an open approach both towards topics and towards methods, accepting different kinds of history and going beyond the boundaries of historiography, turning attention to the topics and methods of other social sciences. The greater part of each issue of Soudobe dejiny comprises original articles on the history of Czechoslovakia and, after the break-up of that state, the Czech Republic, in the broader international context. The journal also focuses frequently on the history and historiography of other countries, particularly those in central Europe, as well as the theory and methodology of historiography. The individual numbers of the journal are usually thematically oriented. While the first large section of each number comprises original articles; the section 'Horizont' [Outlook] is reserved for translations of articles written abroad; other sections of the journal are reserved for documents, debates, memoirs, chronicles, reviews and annotations. Each number also contains a large bibliographical survey of work on contemporary history. The journal occasionally carries work in a section titled 'Archiv soudobych dejin' [Contemporary History Archives]. Each number also includes English-language summaries of all contributions (excluding the annotations). Soudobe dejiny is intended both for professional historians and for teachers and students of history, but seeks to appeal also to members of the general public who are interested in the history of the recent past.