Marriage and Family in Hinduism Cover Image

Małżeństwo i rodzina w hinduizmie
Marriage and Family in Hinduism

Author(s): Aldona Maria Piwko
Subject(s): Comparative Studies of Religion, Sociology of Religion
Published by: Verbinum
Keywords: hinduism; caste; marriage; family; divorce; widowship; sexual ethics

Summary/Abstract: The present article aims to analyse the issues related to marriage and family in Hinduism. A Hindu marriage is viewed as an individual and intimate union of two persons, while clearly emphasizing its importance for the entire community – the fate of the entire caste depends on the harmony of this relationship. Despite the importance of marriage in the Hindu tradition, in this society inappropriate behaviours are still continued. In particular, they show up at the stage of engagement and the related negotiations on the “height” dowry. Another ritual, still present in the community is sati ceremony. Despite the opposition of the authorities and humanitarian organisations, a woman often chooses to be burned at the stake, along with the remains of her husband, rather than live in contempt, as a widow. Except for the spouses, children occupy an important place in a family being a guarantee of the family’s continuity as well as the guarantee of permanent exercise of religious rites in veneration of dead ancestors.

  • Issue Year: 134/2013
  • Issue No: 2
  • Page Range: 215-239
  • Page Count: 25
  • Language: Polish