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Author(s): Géza Buzinkay, Judit Bayer, Nóra Berend, Krisztina Németh, Judith Szapor, Gábor Gyáni, Benedek Láng, Gabriella Reuss, Anett Schäffer, Georgina Kiss, Sarolta Deczki, Károly Soós, Iván Pető, Krisztián Molnár, Gábor Tasnádi, László Gergely Szücs
Subject(s): History, Philosophy, Social Sciences, Language and Literature Studies, Fine Arts / Performing Arts
Published by: Budapesti Könyvszemle Alapítvány

Summary/Abstract: Whispers or Silence. The press and press policies in Hungary, 1861–1867 by Ágnes Deák The Freedom To Hate. American and European Perspectives Selected papers by Robert A. Kahn Anti-judaism: The Western Tradition by David Nirenberg Social Psychology of the Collective Victim Role. Edited by Éva Fülöp and Pál Kővágó Girls of Tomorrow. Women in the Budapest School of Psychoanalysis by Anna Borgos Budapest Building Managers and the Holocaust in Hungary by Ádám István Pál Witchcraft and Demonology in Hungary and Transylvania edited by Gábor Klaniczay and Éva Pócs Witches, Wizards, and Demons in Central East Europe edited by Gábor Klaniczay and Éva Pócs Hamlet’s Moment. Drama and political knowledge in early modern England by András Kiséry Worlds of Hungarian Writing. National literature as intercultural exchange edited by András Kiséry, Zsolt Komáromy and Zsuzsanna Varga Cultures of Poetry. Perspectives of the theory of lyric poetry edited by Ernő Kulcsár Szabó, Zoltán Kulcsár-Szabó and Tamás Lénárt Bird’s-Eye View and Fisheye Optic. Literary criticism by Visy Beatrix The Moments of State Ownership. The viewpoints of economic history and of the history of its study by Éva Voszka Regime Change. edited by András Mink Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Writings on Political Philosophy A Breviary of Philosophy. edited by Tibor Bárány Interpretations of Life-worlds. Approaches to dissolved worlds by Krisztina Németh

  • Issue Year: 30/2018
  • Issue No: 2-4
  • Page Range: 202-257
  • Page Count: 56
  • Language: Hungarian