Personal Aging Planning – Resource of Active Aging in the Community Cover Image

Планирање властите старости – ресурс активног старења у заједници
Personal Aging Planning – Resource of Active Aging in the Community

Author(s): Ljubo Lepir
Subject(s): Demography and human biology, Gerontology
Published by: Матица српска
Keywords: planning; age; active aging; local community

Summary/Abstract: Under the conditions of strengthening neoliberalism, when the role of the state in securing the social security of citizens is constantly diminishing, the issues of age and aging become increasingly the “matter” of personal responsibility of each individual towards themselves and their life and personal relationship between them. Personal aging planning is a pressing need in societies where social security systems are inadequate to provide the existential needs of the elderly. Age planning is directly linked to the realization of active aging models. Active aging involves knowingly managing the old person with his remaining abilities, capabilities and resources in order to overcome the consequences of aging. Question how to achieve the goals of active aging can not be the responsibility of an old person – that is the question of responsibility of the community in which the old person lives. The conditions it creates and activities carried out by the community directly contribute to better and more efficient results of personal age planning. In the paper we deal with the updating of the importance of personal age planning and sustainability of the concept of active aging in local communities. Personal age planning is in direct co-ordination with institutional support for the elderly in the local community that is implemented through preventive programs and adaptation programs. Preventive programs for elderly people in community can facilitate the adjustment of the elderly to the new states and the consequences of age. Adaptation programmes provide primary support to the elderly in coping and solving problems, the concrete and active problems that local community citizens face each day.

  • Issue Year: 2018
  • Issue No: 167
  • Page Range: 515-524
  • Page Count: 10
  • Language: Serbian