English Loanwords in Russian Women’s Magazines Cover Image

Anglicyzmy w rosyjskich czasopismach kobiecych
English Loanwords in Russian Women’s Magazines

Author(s): Anna Romanik
Subject(s): Language studies, Media studies, Lexis, Sociolinguistics, Eastern Slavic Languages
Published by: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu w Białymstoku
Keywords: mass media; anglicisms; causes of borrowings;

Summary/Abstract: It is observed that the English contribution to the vocabulary of modern Russian has strongly increased over the last decades. The main purpose of this article is to explain most important reasons of the process of lexical borrowing by Russian language. Researched vocabulary was selected from modern women’s magazines, such as Elle, Glamour, Mini, Cosmopolitan. Studies have shown that new English words come into Russian mainly as a result from the need to define a new referent. The large number of anglicisms is explained by international culture exchange, influence of linguistic fashion, the need to specialize terms, etc.

  • Issue Year: 2012
  • Issue No: 12
  • Page Range: 295-304
  • Page Count: 10
  • Language: Polish