Metaphorical Undercurrents in Bulgarian Folk Songs Cover Image

Metaphorical Undercurrents in Bulgarian Folk Songs
Metaphorical Undercurrents in Bulgarian Folk Songs

Author(s): Milena Levunlieva
Subject(s): Language and Literature Studies
Published by: Editura Universitaria Craiova
Keywords: Bulgarian folk songs; metaphorical code; conceptual integration

Summary/Abstract: The research explores Bulgarian folk songs and focuses on metaphors based on terms from the semantic field of water. It analyzes them as elements of a system of implications related to the spiritual life of the Bulgarian people. Based on the conception of the dual nature of water – an uncontrollable element and a substance promoting life, a hypothesis is construed about the existence of a plane of suggestion different from the planes of form, content and the aesthetic charge of Bulgarian folk songs. This metaphoric undercurrent is a unique code that is instrumental in the construction of relations parallel to those depicted in the songs. These can be allusions to the times of mythology; references to the roots of consciousness, when nomination was conducted from the outer to the inner, from nature to the individual who identified with it and whose outlook was ecological rather than ethnocentric

  • Issue Year: 2017
  • Issue No: 1-2
  • Page Range: 287-297
  • Page Count: 11
  • Language: English