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Scribe: Analiza statistica a parametrilor metodologici în instruirea instrumentală
Scribe: Statistical Analysis of Methodological Parameters in Instrumental Training

Author(s): Popean Mihai
Subject(s): Education, Music
Published by: MediaMusica
Keywords: Strings; viola; pedagogy; scribe; statistical analysis

Summary/Abstract: Student-centered teaching methodologies for instrumental education address general and particular student needs in both solo and ensemble settings. Effective teachers represent significant models of success for the educational process; however, the transfer of their skills to other teachers may be even more significant as in the educational context reproducible success may surpass isolated success in importance. Effective solutions that address students’ needs with great flexibility in both solo and ensemble settings are based not as much on successful attainment of educational goals as on the careful management of educational processes which lead inevitably to educational success, emphasizing the importance of the process rather than the result alone. As a consequence, such an approach can benefit from assessment tools capable of quantifying the effectiveness of the educational process as it unfolds, such as statistical analysis either as a sole device or in conjunction with digital platforms that support real-time data gathering and analysis, such as Max MSP or Pure Data. Used as a complementary investigation tool, statistical analysis has the potential to reveal detailed but usually overlooked information about the educational process as well as potential mechanisms for its refinement. It is proposed here that the effectiveness of methodological approaches may be monitored, assessed and adapted to specific educational needs using Scribe, a type of data analysis software developed at the University of Texas. Scribe is capable of importing the video recording of a teaching session and cue important elements of the teaching-learning process for the purpose of a discreet analysis.

  • Issue Year: VIII/2017
  • Issue No: 2
  • Page Range: 45-55
  • Page Count: 11
  • Language: English, Romanian