Endemic Beauty of Anatolia Cover Image

Anadolu’nun endemik güzelleri
Endemic Beauty of Anatolia

Author(s): Kemal Çelik
Subject(s): Environmental Geography
Published by: Rating Academy

Summary/Abstract: Anatolian geography is one of the important countries of the world in terms of endemic plants. There are 12 000 plant species in Europe, including 2,750 endemic species. According to the most up to date, Anatolia has an endemic diversity that is no different in the world due to its natural bridge between the three continents, its diverse geographical features and the diversity of its geographical diversity and one of the three plants we see in our country is endemic, and unfortunately there are many plant and animal species facing the danger of extinction. Due to its geographical location, Turkey hosts about 12 000 herbivores, 120 mammals, more than 400 birds, 130 reptiles and 300 fish 542 species. Endemic species that grow in Anatolia are naturally exposed to various hazards such as extreme animal pressures, fire, unconscious cutting, dismantling, breeding work, settlement, urbanization and herbicide use. It is of utmost importance that this extraordinary wealthy biological diversity which Anatolia has preserved for thousands of years has been transferred to future generations. By creating strong awareness in the fulfillment of this humanitarian mission, our route must be permanently determined.

  • Issue Year: 2/2017
  • Issue No: Special
  • Page Range: 541-544
  • Page Count: 4
  • Language: Turkish