Postfolklore as a subject of humanities research: propounding a question Cover Image

Postfolklore as a subject of humanities research: propounding a question

Author(s): Zhanna Zaharivna Denysyuk
Subject(s): Customs / Folklore, Media studies, Cultural Anthropology / Ethnology, Theory of Communication, Sociology of Culture
Published by: Національна академія керівних кадрів культури і мистецтв
Keywords: postfolkolore; communication networks; Internet folklore; folklore and social practices

Summary/Abstract: The purpose is to consider postfolklore as an object of theoretical research in humanitarian discourse. Research methodology is to apply the general principle of scientific objectivity, cultural, structural-semantic and analytical methods for the study of theoretical works of humanities (philology, folklore), subject matter of which is associated with the concept of postfolklore. Scientific novelty lies in the comprehensive review of the concept of postfolklore as a subject of humanities research and determination of the necessity of cultural understanding of its phenomenology trends in the context of contemporary culture. Conclusions. The study has found that postfolklore as a phenomenon of modern culture is genetically related to classical folklore samples. However, on its external and internal features and characteristics it still belongs to principally new cultural level phenomenon, works of which not only reflect the mosaic reality, but also accumulate and transmit values, ideas and ideals of the society, acting as a kind of stabilizing principle in understanding of socio-cultural realities.