Death and time Cover Image

Смъртта и времето
Death and time

(Lyrical dialogues from the 20s of 20th century. On works of N. Furnadzhiev, A. Raztsvetnikov, A. Dalchev, D. Panteleev and others)

Author(s): Nadezhda Stoyanova
Subject(s): Language and Literature Studies, Studies of Literature, Bulgarian Literature
Published by: Софийски университет »Св. Климент Охридски«
Keywords: Literature; poetry; death; time; N. Furnadzhiev; A. Raztsvetnikov; A. Dalchev; D. Panteleev

Summary/Abstract: In the research the human experience with death is presented as an attempt to understand the otherness to which our empirical access is denied. After a brief introduction to the issue of the nature of life and death in many writings on natural philosophy from the interwar period, an emphasis is put on the intertextual parallels between poetic works of Nicola Furnadzhiev, Asen Raztsvetnikov, Atanas Dalchev, Dimitar Panteleev and others from the 20s of the twentieth century. Unlike the scientific texts in which meanings are said to be definitive, in poetry we can read that any attempt to give a final and true meaning of death, of the otherness is unsuccessful. This unsuccessful attempt we see as presented in two images in the works – that of the wind and the rain.