"Ioannes Breutelt nobis fecit..." Cover Image

"Joannes Breutelt nobis fecit..."
"Ioannes Breutelt nobis fecit..."

Author(s): Gražina Marija Martinaitienė
Subject(s): Christian Theology and Religion, Cultural history, Visual Arts, Modern Age
Published by: Lietuvos mokslų akademijos leidykla

Summary/Abstract: In Lithuania, cast metal works such as bells and cannons came into use in the 14th century. These were imported items or moulds cast by masters sporadically visiting Lithuania. Only late in the 17th century arrived Johannes Breutelt, born in Lorrain, who seems to have worked for about more than 20 years only in Vilnius and to have made it famous as an important European centre of casting. The author analyzes the life and creative work of this master who so far is not well known. Based on the archive, unpublished sources, the author presents data on J. Breutelt's work in the capital of the Great Principality of Lithuania, specifies its dating, and tells us about his place of residence, property, family. The most significant data are related with revealing many of unknown works of the master, guns in particular. The author has compiled a list of cannons and bells, which allows to perceive the scale and character of I. Breutelt's creative work. Short characteristics of each item present the type of moulding, decorations, inscriptions, the present place of still existing works or the place where a description can be found, their fate peripetias. The paper is illustrated by photographs of J. Breutelt's casts found in Lithuania, as well as diminished copies of the ornaments and inscriptions, which have never been published before.

  • Issue Year: 2001
  • Issue No: 2(23)
  • Page Range: 62-70
  • Page Count: 9
  • Language: Lithuanian