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Pupils' Physical Acttvity and Health

Author(s): Jūratė Armonienė
Subject(s): Education
Published by: Vytauto Didžiojo Universitetas Švietimo akademija
Keywords: physical activity; health

Summary/Abstract: School environment could and should become one of the most significant factors in health education. An importam factor in students' health education is official health education policy of Education Bodies, as well as its reflection in school activities and Educational Programs. In solving educational objectives schools aspire to develop conscious attitude of students towards physical education as one of the means for strengthening health. It is noted in Physical Educational Standards that by spreading the principles of health and safe way of living, school aspires to consolidate them in the life of both family, and local society. It is really significant to make students recognize preventive values of physical educational and regular physical activity become their inseparable part of life. Today health conception is defined as all-round physical, spiritual, mental, emotional and sočiai wealth of individual and society. While reforming school, it is very importam by common efforts of family, medical people, teachers and society to prioritize health in the system of values, to develop moral values related to the preservation and strengthening of health, as well as to form an appropriate students' attitude towards health of their own and that of the others. The aim of the study is to research pupils physical activity and health at V—XI forms of the Basanavičiaus secondary school in Vilnius. The tasks of the study were to investigate the scien-tific, pedagogical and medical literature on the chosen topic, toexsamine pupils' mental and physical working capacity per day and per week, to evaluate physical ac¬tivity during the leisure time and to find out the souses of the physical passivity. The methods of investigation. There were used the following methods for the accomplishment of the study: The analysis of the literary sources (pedagogical, sociological, medical). Pedagogical-sociological methods: ąuestionnaire survey, interview, pedagogical experiment. The methods of mathematical statistic/ Condusions Mental working capacity is stipulated by the following factors: the way of conveying teaching materiaį process of promotion, shaping daily routine of pupils, school anxiety, family care of pupils; ręst, radonai distribution of time, add charge during the lesson. It was established that the different factors influence the pupils' physical activity. The most importam factors are the school conditions, motives of the activity and value orientations through which the sočiai system regulates the behavior of the personality. Very importam are pedagogical factors: daytime table, leisure, business. The task of the school is to organize the process of learning: to norm rationally the physical and intellectual charge, to give opportunities to satisfy the biological need to movė, to organize properly the conditions fro work and leisure, to encourage to keep the time table...

  • Issue Year: 2007
  • Issue No: 85
  • Page Range: 116-121
  • Page Count: 6
  • Language: Lithuanian