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Physical mobility as a significant health determiner

Author(s): Alvydas Pocevičius, Jūratė Armonienė, Vida Gudžinskienė
Subject(s): Education
Published by: Vytauto Didžiojo Universitetas Švietimo akademija
Keywords: physical activity; students approach; health

Summary/Abstract: The purpose of our research arose from a concern that physical mobility is one of the healthpromoting factors. In order to confirm this claim, the following objectives were consequently raised: to investigate students‘ attitude towards different forms and means of physical mobility and to identify the ways in which these forms occur in students‘ daily life experience, as well as to determine how students evaluate their health condition and how it links with their physical mobility. The present research is based on the method of questionnaire survey. The questionnaire for students of Lithuania prepared by A. Zaborskis that was used as the main material of survey in 2007–2008 in order to investigate the opinions of students at Lithuanian University of Agriculture (LUA) was chosen as the most conspicuous and convenient literary source for our study. In this book, the anonymous questionnaire consisting of introduction and three development parts was applied as a means of conducting the survey. In the introduction of the questionnaire, the respondents are invited to take part in the survey,and the aim of the research is indicated. Besides, theintroduction explains how the questionnaire form should be completed: the respondents are asked to provide socio – demographic data including their sex, age, and professional achievements. The first part of the research aims to study and investigate scientific scales that enable students to express their own attitude towards the importance of certain given claims and their role in the state of human health. The students are asked to identify the amount of situations in which they can apply the data given in the scales in their own lives. Each scale consists of 20 statements with respect to the two following aspects: the level of its importance in Lithuania and its importance for the students participating in thr research as well as for their universities. The students‘ opinion is indicated by means of a 10-point scale. If the student completely disagrees with the given statemant, the answer is valued at 0 points, while acceptance can be expressed by choosing 9 points. The second part of the research provides some statements the purpose of which is to study the students‘ opinion about the most important health problems in their university and in Lithuania as a whole. By comparison, the third part of the study deals with several statements that are needed to indicate the most important means of strenghtening one‘s health. The students participating in the research are asked to express their attitude towards these means and to their actual application at their university. In general, the purpose of this questionnaire survey isto study and examine the students’ attitude towardsthe role of physical mobility in general and towards the activities that they really face as being applied in their lives...

  • Issue Year: 2012
  • Issue No: 105
  • Page Range: 86-93
  • Page Count: 8
  • Language: Lithuanian