Structure and Development Trends of Šiauliai University Image Cover Image

Šiaulių universiteto įvaizdžio struktūra ir kryptingumas
Structure and Development Trends of Šiauliai University Image

Author(s): Jonas Ruškus, Vincas Laurutis, Ingrida Simonaitienė, Edita Rudminaitė
Subject(s): Social Sciences
Published by: VšĮ Šiaulių universiteto leidykla
Keywords: Šiauliai University; image; competitiveness; specialists.

Summary/Abstract: The aim of this research is to reveal the content of Šiauliai university image and to set the directions for the image formation. The total sampling scope of the research is 852 respondents. The potential university users – pupils from higher grades – are dominating in the sampling. With a reference to analogical researches, accomplished by foreign authors as well as the university statute, the theoretical hypothetical model of Šiauliai university image was designed. The model was comprised of three branches: the first – Studies and science; the second – Information, concerning ŠU and promotion; the third – Relations, modernity and regional peculiarities. The branches were respectively constructed from 22 composite image categories (e.g. the university and the town, quality of studies, the level of modernity of ŠU and etc.). Each of the 22 categories was based on at least several indicators, according to which, the content of the category and the direction could be determined. Following the constructed theoretical-hypothetical model, the standardised questionnaire was prepared and was designed for answering the questions in written form. Questions were formulated following one of the most reliable stereotypes-opinions estimation methodologies, or so-called Osgood’s semantic differential. Reliability and respectability of measuring the image categories were proved using statistical methods. The university image model, which reflects the structure and direction, was successfully constructed. It appeared that the university image formation can not be reduced to conditionally narrow means of identification. The main image formation branch is consolidation of Šiauliai university and Šiauliai town interrelation. It means, that it is essential to open the university for the town, to accept citizens into the life of the university, to include them into the processes of studies and science. The second Šiauliai university image improvement branch – improvement of Šiauliai university specialists’ image – is closely related with the first approach. In addition, the improvement of Šiauliai university specialists’ image can not be implemented using only means of promotion (advertising); it is essential to reinforce such practice of relation with studies, that students, future specialists, could be useful for a concrete organisation, enterprise. Very important branch of image formation is revealed possibilities of studying at the university and after its graduation. The research disclosed that the potential strategy of attracting to the university would be to compare ŠU with other universities, following objective indicators and subjective evaluations, and to expose advantages of ŠU on different aspects. The research demonstrated that speaking visually, the nice package can not persuade the consumers; it is essential to improve the internal quality – the quality of studies in this case.

  • Issue Year: 2005
  • Issue No: 6
  • Page Range: 57-69
  • Page Count: 13
  • Language: Lithuanian