Does 21st Century Need Archives? Utilization of archival materials – real possibility and wishes Cover Image

Trebaju li arhivi 21. stoljeću? Korištenje arhivske građe – realne mogućnosti i želje
Does 21st Century Need Archives? Utilization of archival materials – real possibility and wishes

Author(s): Sejdalija Gušić
Subject(s): Museology & Heritage Studies
Published by: Asocijacija informacijskih stručnjaka – bibliotekara, arhivista i muzeologa
Keywords: Historical Archives Sarajevo; users; digitalization

Summary/Abstract: This report analyzes the practical work with the users of the materials at the Historical archive Sarajevo, emphasizing some positive experiences as well as the problems. The main goal of any archive is to enable the access to its record groups. There are two basic groups of users: researchers and the users for which the archival materials present the way to attain some personal right – clients, to whom the service is provided through the reception department. One of the most important aspects of the work of Historical archive Sarajevo is providing the service to the users of the reading room – researches of all profiles. This comes as a result of the value of the historical materials kept at our archive. The most researched subjects are from the area of the historical sciences. We are often visited by the amateurresearchers, unprepared and with great expectations. It is our assignment to help them get the information and to explain to them how to use the scientific and informative helping devices, archival materials and even literature. This report also includes some ideas and problems regarding the creating, using and preserving the digitalized documents at the Historical archive Sarajevo. We witness to the increased popularity of the digitally processed documents. Together with preserving the documents on traditional carriers, we are starting to take care of the increasing number of digitalized documents in various forms. They demand the constant care, control and maintenance, all in order to ensure a permanent life and access to the digitalized records. The job of the archivists would be much easier if we could find, through the available catalogs on the Internet, more information regarding the archival materials. Therefore, it is inevitable to plan to present our services through the Internet. We are making efforts to improve our services and to meet the demands of the users as much as possible. We hope that investing in the adaptation of our existing buildings (administrative building and two depots) would make our way easier, since we all know that a serious planning of a quality work is not possible without an adequate space.

  • Issue Year: 2008
  • Issue No: 02
  • Page Range: 12-15
  • Page Count: 4
  • Language: Bosnian