On Słownik gramatyczny języka polskiego (Polish Grammatical Dictionary) in Preparation Cover Image
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O planowanej postaci Słownika Gramatycznego Języka Polskiego
On Słownik gramatyczny języka polskiego (Polish Grammatical Dictionary) in Preparation

Author(s): Marcin Woliński, Zygmunt Saloni
Subject(s): Language and Literature Studies
Published by: Dom Wydawniczy ELIPSA
Keywords: Polish grammatical dictionary; contemporary Polish language

Summary/Abstract: In 2003 we began the project Polish Grammatical Dictionary, sponsored by the Polish Committee on Scholarly Research (KBN). The dictionary will consist of three parts: an introduction, tables of inflection and an index of lexical units with references to the tables. It will cover all the words found in the available sources (dictionaries and texts), for a total of ca. 150 000 entries. The most frequent and most useful proper names will be also included. The aim of this paper is to discuss how the results of our project will be presented and how the dictionary will be published. The traditional format of a dictionary, a book, would be inflexible and limited to the certain number of entries (ca. 80†000). Moreover, it would be not user-friendly. Therefore we ntend to publish the dictionary only in electronic format, which allows us (1) to represent information in a form convenient for users, (2) to include many more entries (there is no limitation of size), and (3) to formulate many more types of searches and queries.

  • Issue Year: 2005
  • Issue No: 09
  • Page Range: 74-81
  • Page Count: 8
  • Language: Polish