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Fulfilment Consequences of Physical Education Aims Raised by School Children

Author(s): Vincentas Blauzdys
Subject(s): Education
Published by: Lietuvos edukologijos universitetas
Keywords: physical education aims; expectations; consequences

Summary/Abstract: New learning strategies require from every person to develop his / her ability to plan learning and set personal learning aims. Research shows that pupils of lithuanian secondary schools sometimes only partly fulfil their goals for a number of reasons: aims, as physical education motives, have not been thoroughly researched in lithuania. Therefore, the purpose of the research was to analyse impact of physical education aims set by girls and boys of the fifth grade on their expectations regarding physical education lessons and physical education. Educational experiment was organized during the period of one school year. 68 pupils from three fifth-grade classes, with the assistance of their teacher, set physical education aims for a month, some of them for a term and till the end of the school year. 59 boys and girls from other three fifth-grade classes discussed with the teacher common physical education aims of the class in the beginning of each term. The survey showed that because of the educational experiment all the girls and boys achieved all or a part of physical education aims set. Majority of pupils of the control group trained themselves in the physical education lessons without the goal set, understanding learning as their and teacher's duty. While experimental methods encouraged them to become not only participants but also creators of purpose-oriented and meaningful physical education process. Pupils suggested to make lesson content more diverse, to play more games, they wanted their lessons to be more frequent and interesting. Experimental methods encouraged girls and especially boys to go in for sports more often and regularly in their free time. During the school year, physical education of pupils of both sexes improved. Nevertheless, physical education of pupils of the experimental group rather than of the control group underwent significant changes. Changes in physical education and pupils' attitude demonstrated that physical education aims set are sensible and productive.

  • Issue Year: 2007
  • Issue No: 88
  • Page Range: 76-80
  • Page Count: 5
  • Language: Lithuanian