Under The Flag Of The Party. Music Of Socialistic Realism - Cases Of USSR And Yugoslavia Cover Image

Под стегом партије. Музика социјалистичког реализма - примери СССР и Југославије
Under The Flag Of The Party. Music Of Socialistic Realism - Cases Of USSR And Yugoslavia

Author(s): Ivan S. Hofman
Subject(s): History
Published by: Udruženje za društvenu istoriju

Summary/Abstract: Socialistic realism is a term for culture and the arts of the epoch of Stalinism. It was formed in the USSR with the aim of creation of tendentious art, which was to mobilize citizens in building of socialism. It prolonged the tradition of realism, taking from it its means of expression, but with the aim of showing the desirable reality, e. g. myth about happy socialist society. Music of socialistic realism was submitted to that aim and therefore it had most simplified language. It was homophone, tonal, without excursions into dissonance; the rhythm was simple, often in the cadence of a march. Melodic inspiration was sought in national folklore. The composers were demanded to compose programmed instrumental music and vocal music, based on the texts about war, revolution and building of socialism. The mass song was especially valued genre, because in its simple and dashing melody in march-ing rhythm it instigated citizens not to languish the building of new, and as it was believed, righteous society. The music of vivacious songs, composed completely after the rules of the esthetics of socialist realism, was a component part of the iconography of different party and state manifestation in the USSR, Yugoslavia and other socialist countries. With the break of the myth of happy socialist society, its music disappeared.

  • Issue Year: 2005
  • Issue No: 1-3
  • Page Range: 41-63
  • Page Count: 23
  • Language: Serbian