The Reign of Alexandru G. Ghica (1834-1842) reflected in Allgemeine Zeitung (Augsburg) Cover Image

Domnia lui Alexandru D. Ghica (1834-1842) reflectată în „Allgemeine Zeitung” din Augsburg
The Reign of Alexandru G. Ghica (1834-1842) reflected in Allgemeine Zeitung (Augsburg)

Author(s): Grigore Ploeşteanu
Subject(s): History
Published by: Institutul de Cercetări Socio-Umane Gheorghe Şincai al Academiei Române
Keywords: Alexandru G. Ghica; Allgemeine Zeitung (Augsburg); the Ottoman Porte; the Danubian principalities; the czarist Russia; the Reglementary reigns; the Organic Regulation

Summary/Abstract: In this paper the author continues previous preoccupations about the reflection of Alexander G. Ghica’s reign in the German newspaper Allgemeine Zeitung (Augsburg). The numerous correspondences, articles and items of information concern the first Reglementary reign from Walachia. Despite the harsh conditions the leaders of Walachia and Moldavia were facing - forced to reign under the suzerainty of the Ottoman Porte and the protectorate of the czarist Russia - it was considered that up to the Reglementary reigns, a new era in the history of the two Romanian principalities would begin. Alexandru G. Ghica was a competent personality, eager to contribute to the material and spiritual progress of the country, the press recording the steps made in the direction of from the nobility and from „the national party”, the last estranging from the prince, because of the ambiguous standing he showed on the matter of „the Additional Act”, introduced in modernization as sign of connecting to European values. He will stumble against an even stronger opposition of the Organic Regulation at the pressure of the czarist Russia. The paper took its information especially from official sources. The discontents of the opposition and those of the protective power, which showed the independence tendencies of the prince, resulted in the elimination from the throne of Alexandru G. Ghica, through a “firman” dated from 1842, measure that contrasted with the stipulation of the Convention of Petersburg, which guaranteed the life-reign of the princes in the Danubian principalities.

  • Issue Year: 2003
  • Issue No: 05+06
  • Page Range: 221-248
  • Page Count: 28
  • Language: Romanian