Journalism and Literature. State of Discussion and New Students’ Works on an Old Topic Cover Image
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Journalismus und Literatur. Diskussionsstand und neue studentische Arbeiten zu einem alten Thema
Journalism and Literature. State of Discussion and New Students’ Works on an Old Topic

Author(s): Wolfgang Duchkowitsch
Subject(s): Cultural Essay, Political Essay, Societal Essay
Published by: Združenie MASS MEDIA SCIENCE
Keywords: Literature; literary journalism; Jewish journalists; national socialism; spiritual inferno; breakth-rough; restoration; news report journalism; journalism; state of discussion; final work; scientific youth

Summary/Abstract: The centre of the submitted paper is a reflection on students’ final works that deal with issues of a relation between journalism and literature at the University of Vienna. The author advises of the fact that not only studies of reputable authors bring new knowledge of this old topic, but also excellent diploma and dis-sertation theses of numerous students of journalism who in their works managed to interconnect diligence and intellectual esprit. Before the author comes to closer presentation of chosen works, he draws his attention to the situation that took place in Austria and Germany after Hitler’s accession to power, when Jewish journalists and men of letters, personalities of European culture were defamed in many ways and, consequently, killed in concentration camps to be erased from the collective memory. After the fall of Nazism, a very important task was to restore journalism in Austria and Germany following the example of Anglo-Saxon journalism distin-guishing news reports and commentaries. Literary elements were marginalized. Later on, the author focuses on activation of interest in relation of journalism and literature, and names authors who have dealt with it as Margareth Lüneburg, Hannes Haas, Wolfgang R. Langenbucher, Fritz Hausjell and others. He excerpts from their works and outlines them briefly. Then, in detail, he pays his attention to final works of Thomas Cudlik about the journalist Thomas Wolfe, then the works of Simona Ganahl about medial fundamentals of the document “The Third Valpurgis Night” by Karl Kraus, and the work of Verena Wahl dealing with special phenomena of contemporary essays in German speaking countries.

  • Issue Year: 53/2010
  • Issue No: 1-2
  • Page Range: 15-25
  • Page Count: 11
  • Language: German