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Peuce (Serie Nouă) - Studii şi cercetari de istorie şi arheologie
Peuce (New Series) - History and Archaeology Studies and Research

Publishing House: Institutul de Cercetari Eco-Muzeale Tulcea - Institutul de Istorie si Arheologie
Subject(s): History
Frequency: 1 issues
Print ISSN: 0258-8102
Status: Active

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Short Description

The first number of Peuce revue was edited in 1971 by Danube Delta Museum from Tulcea, named later (1993) Eco-Museal Research Institute Tulcea, institution with a regional profile, which has as object of activity the research of Northern Dobroudja area. Starting with 2003 it is edited a new series, dedicated exclusively to archaeology, history and numismatic studies. Peuce is an annual publication, which’s rhythm of apparition, was, sometimes influenced by the implication of its editorial staff in editing alternative volumes for the institution, dedicated especially, to the scientific manifestations organized at Tulcea. In the last years was respected the calendar imposed by the annual programme of activities. The revue’s thematic regards Archaeology and History. A special attention is accorded to interdisciplinary studies (archaeozoology, antropology, sedimentology, micromorphology, carpology etc.), which complete the archaeological studies. By the its revue, ICEM Tulcea wishes to promote the researches realised in the northern area of Dobroudja, but also the most important Romanian and European contributions. Are followed with interest the results of the research projects in the eastern area of Europe (Moldova Republic, Ukraine, Bulgari, etc.). The authors who published in Peuce are experts and specialists recognized in and outside Romania by their important contributions in Archaeology and History. In the revue’s pages can be find studies belonging to important members of Romanian Academy, Research Institutes or Romanian and foreign Universities. The editorial staff considers a priority the articles published in a language of international circulation, and those published in Romanian have solid abstracts in foreign languages (English, French, German). The international prestige of the revue is proved by its presence, starting with the first number, in the libraries of great research institutes, universities and famous museums (Universita degli studi di Bari, Italia; Ecole Francaise d’Athens; Reial Academia Catalana de Belle Arts de Sant Jordi, Spania; British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara; Deutsches Archaologisches Institut Eurasien; Maison de l’Orient, Lyon, Franţa, Musee des Antiquites Nationales-Saint Germain en Laye, Franţa). It is possible to say that Peuce revue occupies an impressive place in national and international scientific community, through the professionalism of the authors and the value of the published articles and studies, being a reference point in the scientific research of south-eastern European space.