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Hereditas Monasteriorum
Hereditas Monasteriorum

Publishing House: Laboratoire de Recherches sur l'Histoire des Congregations et Ordres Religieux (LARHCOR)
Subject(s): History
Frequency: 2 issues
Print ISSN: 2299-5609
Online-ISSN: 2299-9078
Status: Ceased Publication

  • 2012
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  • 2016
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Short Description

Hereditas Monasteriorum is an interdisciplinary, international scientific journal concerning the broadly understood monastic and post-monastic heritage. The columns of journal are widely open for all synthetic and analytical studies, as well as for the publications of inventories, catalogues, and historical sources documenting the heritage of monastic life. By this heritage the Editorial means the contribution, which the monks and convents have brought to the history of world civilization. Therefore, in the scope of the interests of the Editorial is the variety of intellectual and material achievements of the monks, and their fate, the role that they played and continue to play in the aspects of religion, spirit, culture, art, society, economy, etc. Due to the importance of monastic dissolution for the state of post-monastic heritage preservation, the Editorial devotes a lot of space for the elaborations and publications on the history of suppressions (their causes and course, as well as the documentation produced during their duration), and the fate of the monks, goods, buildings, and properties of the dissolved convents. Journal publishes texts written both by humanists (eg. historians, art historians, archeologists, researchers of library and culture studies, archivists, sociologists, musicologists, museologists, philosophers, religious studies researchers), as well as by the representatives of other scientific disciplines. Journal appears twice a year – in June and December.