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Anuarul Institutului de Istorie »George Bariţiu« - Series HISTORICA
Yearbook of the Institute of History »George Bariţiu« - Series HISTORICA

Publishing House: Editura Academiei Române
Subject(s): History
Frequency: 1 issues
Print ISSN: 1584-4390
Online-ISSN: 2344-2093
Status: Active

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Short Description

The Yearbook of the Institute of History "George Barițiu" in Cluj Napoca is the successor of Yearbook of the Institute of National History in Cluj Napoca, appearing since 1921. It is the regular scientific publication concerning Romanian History of the first Romanian institute in the country, created in 1920 as a consequence of the Great Union of 1918. The chronological evolution, of the Yearbook may be divided into four stages: 1921-1945; 1946-1957; 1958-1989; 1990- present. With a longevity of 90 years, Yearbook of the Institute of History "George Barițiu" in Cluj Napoca is the first regular professional scientific journal published in Romanian language in Transylvania, created for dissemination of research results of the newly created Institute of National History in 1920. This event can be related with the atmosphere of optimism and cultural effervescence after unification in 1918. Similar with the Institute of National History, this Journal had as a main task, that to promote the scientific results for members of the Institute, and also, a school of scientific promotion and consecration for young scholars. According to the vision of professor Ioan Lupaș, first director of the Institute of National History created in addition to Dacia Superior University in Cluj, the aim of the Yearbook was that young scholars who worked and were trained there, to be able to bring original and outstanding research works for the progress of national historiography. Since its beginning, the frequency of occurrence for Yearbook was set once a year and made possible thanks to exigency of chief editors: prestigious academic professors Ioan Lupaș, Alexandru Lapedatu, Constantin Daicoviciu, Ştefan Pascu, Camil Mureșanu, Nicolae Edroiu etc. The contents and summaries were almost always published also in international languages. Actually, the Yearbook is trying to adapt itself to the new editorial and scientific exigencies by promoting new authors and directions of research, as well as a good established collaboration with specialists from abroad.