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Konteksty Pedagogiczne
Pedagogical Context

Publishing House: Wydawnictwo LIBRON
Subject(s): Social Sciences
Frequency: 2 issues
Print ISSN: 2300-6471
Status: Active

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Short Description

Pedagogical Contexts is a semi-annual scientific journal entirely devoted to the problems of present day education. Journal’s major role is to create a place where we are to confront a variety of ways of seeing, understanding and examining of the educational reality with the use of  inter-paradigmatic and inter-discursive dialogue among the representatives of various theoretical and methodological backgrounds. Pedagogical Contexts are the premise of an interdisciplinary forum for exchange of ideas and presentation of the results an conclusions of research in the field of education taking into account modern civilization and rapidly changing socio-cultural conditions.
The title of the journal highlights the complexity of the discussed issues as well as its pedagogical contexts encouraging discussion concerning the most important contemporary educational problems among the researchers and practitioners, be it teachers at various levels of education, as well as specialists and therapists. We would like to provide a space that will allow for a review of the current state of knowledge in the area of research and will foster the exchange of experiences and ideas, which in turn will shape the dialogue and working out common solutions. Publishing texts of authors representing various fields and sub-disciplines provides trans-disciplinary and multi-dimensional character of the journal, which in turn directly affects the presentation of a wide range of considerations, having in mind the needs of modern society, both from the point of view of the child and adult.