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"Obrazovanje odraslih" - Časopis za obrazovanje odraslih i kulturu
"Adult Education" - Journal for Adult Education and Culture

Publishing House: JU ‘’Bosanski kulturni centar Kantona Sarajevo’’
Frequency: 1 issues
Print ISSN: 1512-8784
Online-ISSN: 2744-2047
Status: Active

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Short Description

Journal “Obrazovanje odraslih/Adult Education” is the first and only journal in Bosnia and Herzegovina dealing with the topic of adult education. It is published twice a year, with a circulation of 300 copies, and is distributed free of charge throughout BiH and wider region. Until 2019 the journal has been published by PI “Bosnian Cultural Center of Canton Sarajevo” and the “Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association” (DVV International – Country Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina), with the financial support of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Since this year the Journal will be financed by the publisher “Bosnian Cultural Center of Canton Sarajevo”. In addition to original scientific and professional papers from the field of adult education and learning and the field of culture, other contents are also being published in the Journal, such as: diverse releases, critical reviews, documents and information on adult education practice, education policies and culture in BiH and the region, book reports, translations of articles on current topics from foreign journals,  as well as information on significant events in the country, region, Europe and the world regarding culture, education and learning of adults and work of other organisations active in these areas.  The Journal has been established in 2001 and exists for almost 18 years. “Adult Education”, as the first Journal treating adult education and culture in BiH, represents for the scientific community a significant step towards constitution and profiling of a new scientific discipline and its institutional establishment, and attracts promising scientists in the field who create a corpus of texts of essential importance for this science to become an academic discipline. It is particularly important that the Journal gathers scientific associates from the region, who on the one hand establish a necessary network of scientific researchers, which on the other hand increases the visibility of the Journal and strengthens its position in international context.