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Ziridava. Studia Archaeologica
Ziridava. Studia Archaeologica

Publishing House: Editura Mega Print SRL
Subject(s): History, Archaeology, Ancient World, Middle Ages
Frequency: 1 issues
Print ISSN: 2392-8786
Status: Active

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Short Description

 Ziridava Studia Archaeologica is a periodical of archaeology that is meant to continue the old Ziridava journal. The periodical aims to publish studies on the archaeology of the Carpathian Basin, but also on the surrounding regions. One of the main goals of this academic initiative is to publish archaeological materials, but also older research remained unpublished and new investigations. The team also encourages and supports the publication of synthesis studies and modern approaches.

The first volume of Ziridava was published in 1967, and 25 volumes were edited until 2010. A final stage of the process of increased editorial specialization is the publication of a separate periodical of archaeology, Ziridava Studia Archaeologica. Since in specialized archaeological literature Ziridava was correlated to the institution of the Arad Museum, but also due to the numerous archaeological investigations performed mainly in the Lower Mureș area were published in the periodical from Arad, the editorial board has decided to preserve the name of the periodical. At the same time, in order to avoid breaking the tradition and forgetting the efforts of the periodical’s old editorial board, we have decided to continue the volumes with no. 26 (Ziridava Studia Archaeologica 26, 2012).