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Publishing House: Serdar Öztürk
Subject(s): Philosophy, Fine Arts / Performing Arts, Aesthetics, Film / Cinema / Cinematography
Frequency: 2 issues
Online-ISSN: 2547-9458
Status: Active

  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • Issue No. 1/1
  • Issue No. 2/1
  • Issue No. 3/2
  • Issue No. 4/2
  • Issue No. 5/3
  • Issue No. 6/3
  • Issue No. 7/4
  • Issue No. 8/4
  • Issue No. Sp. Iss/4
  • Issue No. 9/5
  • Issue No. Sp. Iss/5
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Short Description

SineFilozofi is an international, peer-reviewed, widespread, periodical electronic journal published twice a year. The journal, which has an interdisciplinary structure between the fields of cinema and philosophy, aims to provide grounds for international academic debate in the field.

SineFilozofi has adopted the policy of providing open access. The journal does not charge APCs or submission charges. The Journal is not commercial, and access to the journal content is free. SineFilozofi operates on the basis of volunteerism. No royalties are paid for the articles, book and movie reviews or interviews that are published in the journal. To ensure that the journals's content is original, articles sent to the journal should not be published elsewhere or sent for publication. However, once a content has been published in our journal it can be published in other media. SineFilozofi does not hold the publishing rights of the contents send by writers. All publishing and copy rights belong to the authors.  Works published in the journal cannot be used without a proper reference.