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Podstawy Edukacji
Fundamentals of Education

Publishing House: Akademia im. Jana Długosza w Częstochowie
Subject(s): Social Sciences
Frequency: 1 issues
ISSN: 2081-2264
Status: Active

  • 2014
  • 2015
  • Issue No. 7
  • Issue No. 8
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Short Description

„Podstawy Edukacji” [Fundamentals of Education] is a yearbook of socio-pedagogic thoughts, which in its each successive edition takes on a subtitle that is an intellectual link combining the volume. Published since 2008 under the aegis of Wydawnictwo Naukowe im. Stanisława Podobińskiego of the JDU in Czestochowa.


The scientific profile of the journal covers a wide context of education as the integrated humanities. Governed by the belief that the basics of education require constant re-adaptation, re-evaluation , participation in the process, we emphasize presentation of research exceeding the dominating paradigms, as well as an attitude of an interdisciplinary and innovative nature . We are open to diversity of discourses. This is why we encourage cooperation with authors who want to present new, original, and even controversial issues, which may inspire discussion and thus become a contribution to development of the science of education.