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Biuletyn Biblioteki Jagiellońskiej
The Jagiellonian Library Bulletin

Publishing House: Biblioteka Jagiellońska
Subject(s): History, Social Sciences, General Reference Works, Library and Information Science
Frequency: 1 issues
Print ISSN: 0006-3940
Online-ISSN: 2450-0410
Status: Active

  • 2012
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Short Description

The “Bulletin of the Jagiellonian Library” aims to publish original scholarly articles that cover issues related to library studies in the broad sense. The principal subject areas of the “Bulletin” include various topics connected with the contents of library collections, especially that of the Jagiellonian Library. The preferred subject matter includes, inter alia, librarianship in the broad sense, that is, computer catalogues, the conservation of collections, and the analysis of the picture emerging from various aspects of polls made among readers. Biographical materials, editions of historical sources regardless of the period concerned, reprints of letters, historical essays in general, and expecially those which have their source in the manuscript materials stored in the Jagiellonian Library, have been published in the “Bulletin” for many years. Besides, in specific cases, articles connected with humanities in the broad sense may also be accepted for publication.